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The thoughtful exercise of judgment

Independent Wealth Management

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In the end, we seek to help our clients achieve not only their investment objectives but also financial peace of mind.

Barnes C. Ellis

Our Story

We began in 2002 with a question: if we weren’t experienced investment professionals ourselves, how would we want our own money to be managed?

Baker Ellis serves individuals, trusts and corporate clients from Portland, Oregon to New York, as well as clients in Canada, Japan and the U.K.

Brian C. Baker, CFA


Our investment approach emphasizes value, diversification and adhering to a long-term strategy informed by comprehensive financial planning.

We look for shareholder-friendly management in strong and stable businesses with healthy cash flow and, wherever possible, a defendable moat.

J.B. Groh, CFA


Our tight-knit, highly collaborative investment team includes an MBA, two members who have been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and a Certified Financial Planner, bringing a range of perspectives to investment strategy and client problem-solving.